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I have wanted to build bikes since the third grade. However it was my love for downhill mountain biking and racing that drove my desire for a better, faster, smoother bike. I rode with and learned my craft from SWD Racing, Bicycle Fabrications, and all the great DH biking media, Dirt Magazine, Decline, Vital MTB, Pink Bike, The Loam Wolf, MTBR etc. I design my bikes using "Occam's Razor" ('the simplest is the best) and Autodesk Fusion 360. Then I source aircraft, automotive and bicycle 4130 chromoly tubing, plate and CNC machined parts that I then manually machine and TIG weld into custom built bike frames according to my clients specifications.

Contact me at and I'll help you build the bike of your dreams.

If I'm not behind the computer or in the shop I'm on the trails with my bike, saw, shovel, or rake.

Happy Trails

Brian Hapgood

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